Thursday, November 24, 2011

Universities based on new GRE scores

Since the new GRE has come, you must be having trouble in deciding the Universities that you can get admitted to, with your new score as most of the posts in the internet are about the Old GRE and the Universities that you can get with your old scores. To make things easy for you, we are presenting here the list of Universities you may apply for, with your new GRE scores. Note that this is just not an accurate list but just for giving you an idea of what Universities you can try for, with your new scores. Also, there are other factors like TOEFL, your SOP’s and LOR’s that decide your admission chances.
New GRE score > 326
Purdue University
University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign
University of California, Berkeley
GRE Score: Between 320 and 325 – Applicable for new gre scores  320,321, 322, 323, 324 and 325
Boston University (Good scholarships)
University of Minnesota
University of Texas , Austin
University of Maryland
University of Wisconsin Madison
University of Pennsylvania
University of Maryland, College Park
GRE score between 316 and 319 - Applicable for new gre scores  316,317, 318 and 319
University of California , Irvine
University of Florida, Gainesville
University of California , Riverside
University of New Mexico
College of William and Mary
Iowa State University ,Virginia Tech
University of Cinncinati
GRE score between 313 and 315 - Applicable for new gre scores  313,314 and 315
New Jersey Institute of Tech
University of Texas, Dallas
San Jose State University
University of Arizona
Arizona State University
College of William
Ohio State University
Oregon State University
Mary Pennsylvania State University
Texas A & M University
University of Connecticut
Cincinnati State University
University of Alabama
Auburn University
University of South Florida
Texas Tech Lubbock
GRE score between 310 and 313 - Applicable for new gre scores  310,311, 312 and 313
NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
University of Pittsburgh
SUNY, Buffalo
Velinova University
North Carolina State University
Colorado State University
University of Houston
Mississippi State University
University of Texas, Arlington
Indiana University , Bloomington
New Mexico State University
GRE score between 306 and 309 - Applicable for new gre scores  306,307,308 and 309
NJIT(moderate chances)
SUNY, Buffalo
New Mexico State University
Indiana University , Bloomington
Arizona State University
Florida State University
University of North Texas
Old Dominion Univ
California State University , Chico
Washington State University
Univ. of Arkansas Fayetteville
George Mason Univ
Oklhama State Univ
University of Illinois, Chicago
University of Nevada, Reno
Univ. of North Texas
GRE score between 300 and 305 - Applicable for new gre scores  300,301,302, 303,304 and 305
Illinois Institute of Technology
San Deigo State University
University of Texas San Antanio
Indiana University Purdue University
University of Arlington
Ei Paso
University of Arkansas Little Rock
Kansas State University
University of North Dakota
University of Missouri, Rolla
University of Wyoming
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
WAYNE state university
University of Delaware
University of Houston Clear Lake
Northwest Missouri State University
University of Oklahoma
Bradley University
Western Kentucky University
University of New Orleans
Northern Illinois University
GRE score less than 300 - Applicable for new gre scores  300, 299, 298, 297, 296, 295, 294, 293, 292, 291, 290, 289, 288, 287, 286, 285, 284, 282, 281, 280, 279, 278, 277, 276, 275, 274, 273, 272, 271, 270, 269, 268, 267, 265, 264, 263, 262, 261 and 260
University of North Virginia
International Technological University
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Texas a & m commerce
Indiana State University
Gannon University
Oregon University
University of Bridgeport

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